The End………..

So the time has nearly come to finish EDC3100.  With assignment three due tomorrow evening I am madly trying to finish it.  Reading Jacqueline’s blog titled A3… Still going…looking for kindred spirits, I know that i am not alone in the struggle of trying to finish off the assignment and the semester.  It has been very long and challenging – but that is why I love studying.  Prac was extremely interesting this time round and I learned a lot – I have been practising some of my new behaviour techniques in my job as a teacher aide.  Just like Chloemprice and Mitchellraine, I too am happy to be ending this course and like them I have learned a lot about how to plan and implement enriched ICT lessons.  Yet, I am still torn on ICT vs concrete materials/hands on activities.  I understand the way the world is moving and developing in regards to technology, but I believe that children learn best with hands on activities, using concrete materials they can manipulate.  So one of my first blogs is about this same issue and I can honestly say after about 10 weeks I am still sitting on the fence.  My progression through this course has not been able to sway me but it has given me a new insight in how to ICT to enrich students learning.  So I say goodbye to EDC3100 in a few more hours as I must go now and finish assignment three.  Do I think I will continue to blog……. not sure.  After some time away from ICT and some well earned holidays I may be able to look at this blog a little differently and continue to blog when the need to have a rant or vent arises.  Until then thank you to everyone who has read my blog, liked posts and referred to them and good luck for the rest of your studies.



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