In the headlines again….What do you think?

Last Friday in the papers the topic of technology and children was raised again in the Courier Mail article titled Technology is creating a generation of dummies.  Over the weekend many news and morning talk shows also discuss the latest article.  This topic has once again been raised due to the federal election and the education policies from the parties.  The course EDC3100 is designed to teach pre-service teachers the importance of enriched ICT lessons and how they can benefit students.  This article highlights many issues of this hot debatable topic – at what cost is it costing our schools.  The maintenance of the technology not to mention maintaining up to date technology is being paid by the schools.  This is where I am torn.  This money could be being spent elsewhere, more concrete materials for students to learn with, more readers, more sporting equipment, more teachers and teacher aides to support and extend students.  The cost of technology is something school budgets need to consider together with supporting teachers with professional development in technology.  The article also highlights the effects technology is having on students, as quoted in the article “reliance on technology is turning kids into jumpy, erratic dummies who cannot focus long enough to meaningfully study anything”.  Many comments from the public also support the need for less technology.  There have been studies and articles about this hot topic.  This article written in 2012 highlighted the same issues back then.  However, what are we doing about it?  It seems to me we are continuing going forward with technology, yet no one is really aware of the long term effects it will have on students learning, behaviour or socially.  Whilst on professional experience the task was to plan and teach at least five enrich ICT lessons.  This was extremely challenging for two reasons, the limited ICT available and my mentors attitude to ICT.  Whilst she allowed me to meet the requirements she believes that ICT only replaces it does not amplify or transform.  After many discussions around this I also tend to agree (and I did before I went on professional experience) as nothing beats hands on concrete materials especially when working with students in the early years.


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