Coming to the end………

As my professional experience draws to an end I feel it’s time to reflect on the experience.  As stated in a previous blog I was lucky enough to have a returned placement.  This meant I knew the school, the rules, the procedures and some of the students.  I thought with this knowledge it would be a breeze.  Well I had no first day nerves….. but that was about it.  This experience has been challenging due to the teacher’s rules and the students behaviour.  Most of my teaching time I had to deal with behaviour management and it is extremely hard when you follow Play is the Way program and the rules are:

  1.  Yellow Poster – it takes great strength to be sensible.
  2. Orange Poster – treat others as you would like to be treated.
  3. Red Poster – pursue your personal best no matter who you work with.
  4. Green Poster – be brave and participate to progress.
  5. Blue Poster – have reasons for the things you say and do.
  6. Purple Poster – be the master no the victim.

This is extremely hard when you need to ask the students constantly show me yellow poster or the words “was that a strong or weak choice” or “follower or leader”.  The students are very familiar with this language and know exactly what I am referring to when I have had to use it.  So like Jacqueline in her blog Behaviour Management, I too have struggled with behaviour management.  This actually troubles me as I believe as a teacher aide I have strong behaviour management however I do mostly work with a small group of students.  However I wonder if it is the school as many student’s behaviour at the school is quite challenging and every teacher is up against it every day which is taking up a lot of their direct teaching time.  Whilst these rules may seem hard to understand they do have some value and I do like the yellow poster – I have used that a lot.  I do also like the green poster, students need to participate in order for them to progress.  I have only one day left and then I go back to my school where I work as a teacher aide with stronger firmer rules that most of us are used to, however I am sure I will slip up and language like strong or weak will come out and I am also sure the students will look at me as if I have lost my mind.

My experience has been challenging and rewarding at the same time.  I have learned I can plan a lesson fairly well, in the early years relate everything back to real life as students will connect and engage, my teaching does need more practice and I need to be able to pick up cues that students are struggling with abstract questions – I must show in concrete, especially in the younger years.  I have also learned that it is much harder to observe a whole class and teach at the same time and I hope this develops as I continue my degree and during my first few years as a teacher.  The class has been lovely and I do have a few favourites and I will be sad to go.  The class is challenging and they do not react well when they have a relief teacher.  This is something that really needs to be address as my mentor unfortunately has to take leave for medical reasons.  So for the next 3 weeks I will wonder how they are behaving – which little volcanos have exploded.  I am thankful of the experience and extremely fortunate to have such an experienced mentor.


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