Professional Experience – the end of week 2

Ten days down, five days to go!!!!!

Professional experience this time round has been challenging to say the least.  I was fortunate at late notice to be told I would have a return placement.  I was not very nervous to begin with as I knew the school, the rules, the layout and some of the students.  So after ten days do I still feel like this?  No, not so much.  The students are out of the class every day involved in many other extra-curricular activities.  On Thursday I only see them for the last session which makes teaching extremely difficult.  The teacher also has set times for literacy groups as this is when she has two aides and these activities have been planned for the whole term.  I have taken all maths and science lessons since day 3.  However I feel like I am not teaching enough.  I always help out in literacy groups however I never get my own group to work with.  As a teacher aide I am very capable of working with small groups and find it frustrating that I am not being given any opportunities.  However in saying this week three will start with a huge challenge.  My mentor will be away at a meeting all day and she has left me in charge with the support of a relief teacher.  I will be running the whole day.  I feel confident I can do this and hopefully prove myself as a teacher.  The class as a whole can be quite challenging and they have to date played up with every relief teacher they have had.  My mentor has given them a stern talking to and told them that her detective (me) will still be here to tell her everything that happens in the room, together with the camera which will be turned on for the day (don’t ask that is a whole other story, the camera is not real, however they do not know that).  I am looking forward to Monday and the last week of prac, I will be sad to say goodbye to the students.  I felt very special when they remembered me from last year.

My mentor uses some very good techniques to obtain the students attention which I have taken on board.  At first I didn’t think they would work for me, and thought they only work for her because she has rapport with the students.  This is not so, I used a couple of her techniques during a science lesson and well they worked.  I was surprised and thought I must remember these and I could even implement them in my work as a teacher aide.  These techniques she uses come from a man called Dylan William.  I borrowed her book titled Embedded Formative Assessment and have to say it is making a lot of sense to me and I will be implementing a couple of his techniques and strategies.  I have been actively trying to implement them on prac to ensure consistency for the students.  I do recommend you have a look at the book and his website.


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