Excitment at the end of week….

After a stressful anxious wait and a missed phone call while I was supervising Naplan, I have finally been placed.  I am returning to the school I was at last year.  Very excited as I am familiar with the school, the teachers, the students and the resources available.  My mentor is a very experienced teacher and I am looking forward to learning from her.  I am also looking forward to seeing how the students learning journey has progressed in a year.  I am on year 1 this year and last year I was on Prep, so I will know some of the students in the class.  The school is so lovely and everyone who works there are extremely nice, they have a very positive working atmosphere.  They have been understanding and are allowing me to drop my daughter off for camp and be a little late on my first day, as they stated “family is important and they come first”.  This made me feel relieved and I am ready and calm for Monday.

So now that my placement is sorted I can finally concentrate on Assignment 3 and I have also brought myself to read a few blogs (I was envy of everyone being excited about prac, when I was worried and stressed I was not going to be placed).  The blogs I have read discuss Assignment 3 and in particular Part B, Ttuner96 – #38 Time to attempt Assignment 3, shares a little of what she knows about her context and Becteacher2B – My Context also shares about her context.  These posts are assisting as I write my context in preparation for Assignment 3.

Naplan Update – so yesterday saw the last day of testing – numeracy.  As I looked through the test I was able to identify those higher order thinking questions and was interested to see how the students attempted them.  All students in the class I supervised did their best and that is all anyone can every ask of them.


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Tturner96 blog.  (2016).  #38 Time to attempt Assignment 3.  Retrieved from https://tturner96.wordpress.com/2016/05/12/38-time-to-attempt-assignment-3/


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