Professional Experience

Professional experience is the hot topic this week.  Module 3 has opened and it begins with a focus on what we need to do whilst on prac.  Nerves are starting to set it as I do not yet have a placement and I am one that likes to be organised.  I am a single parent with little support and I hate asking for help.  I have raised my daughter on my own since she was 2.  It is just the way it has always been.  Since beginning this degree I have had to ask for help when there is absolutely no way I can get her to school or dance lessons.  This year she goes on camp the same day I begin prac.  So yes I am trying to work this out whilst not knowing where or how far I will be travelling.

This week for module 3 the question asked was the biggest challenges, fears or mistakes whilst on professional experience – then and now.  My biggest one that I have faced in the past and I will face in the future is how I manage prac and everything it entails and make sure my daughter gets to school and dance lessons.  Not to mention all the other hurdles life throws at you.  Another challenge I learned after self reflection from my last prac was my transitioning from teacher aide to pre-service teacher.  I also struggled transitioning back.  This was new to me as my last prac was my first in a school setting.  At the beginning of my prac I know I acted like a teacher aide unsure of how I move into another role.  This prac now I am aware I hope to transition more quickly and be more confident in taking on the role as teacher.  Another challenge or it could be considered a fear is making sure I meet all of the requirements in order to pass professional experience (I would hate to fail and redo).  As I do not yet have a placement my thoughts wonder to what if there is little ICT resources and my mentor is inexperienced, what if the school has amazing ICT resources and my mentor is experienced and has extremely high expectations.  I am always hard on myself and have extremely high expectations, however I do not feel confident in the area of developing ICT enriched lessons, so I am a little nervous.  I do feel confident teaching and in behaviour management, however I am careful that the class is not mine and rules and expectations are already in place by the teacher.

I have read a couple of other blog posts about professional experience and I feel that I am in good company with being nervous and anxious.  Chloemprice – Challenges on Professional Experience talks about her strengths and weaknesses which is comforting.  Tturner96 has also written three blogs which relate to different aspects of professional experience, #27 Biggest challenges on professional experience: then and now#28 What do I know about professional experience? and #29 Lesson planning … what do I know?

I found all these blogs posts interesting to read and I whilst I am a little nervous and anxious about prac, I am also a little excited to see what I am capable of and build further experience and knowledge.


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