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A few days ago I read Charlottemcneil’s blog – ICT resources for graduate teachers.  I found this blog interesting as I have no idea where to begin looking for appropriate ICT resources.  I have access to the learning place as I am an employee of the Education Department,  but trying to search for resources in learning place can be confusing if you do not know what you are looking for.  The link Charlottemcneil placed on her page can be seen as a starting point.  Her link lead me to ICT Resources for Graduate Teachers website.  After reading this website and bookmarking it, I was then lead to many other sites and google also took me on an excursion around the lovely web.  I am writing this post to share the articles and resources I have found that I believe will be useful to me in the future.  The New South Wales Government provides a site called BOSTES which provides great information about new NSW syllabuses, which I am sure can be modified.  I also found two great articles ICT is Worth the Time and Effort by Barbara Duckworth (which is helping persuade me to being more open minded in regards to ICT) and From Encyclopaedias to Search Engines: Technological Change and its Impact on Literacy Learning by Jann Carroll.  These are two great reads and I recommended taking a few minutes to read them.


Carroll, J.  (2011).  From encyclopaedias to search engines:  technologies change and its impact on literacy learning.  Retrieved from http://www.alea.edu.au/documents/item/180

Charlottemcneil blog.  (2016).  ICT resources for graduate teachers.  Retrieved from https://charlottemcneillblog.wordpress.com/2016/04/21/ict-resources-for-graduate-teachers/

Duckworth, B.  (n.d.).  ICT is worth the time and effort.  Retrieved from http://www.nzpf.ac.nz/sites/default/files/June04_Mag_ICT.pdf

New South Wales Government.  (n.d.).  BOSTES.  Retrieved from http://syllabus.bostes.nsw.edu.au/support-materials/integrating-ict/

University of Sydney.  (2015).  ICT for graduate teachers.  Retrieved from http://sydney.edu.au/education_social_work/learning_teaching/ict/


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